mercredi 11 octobre 2006

Chants de Palo et Tui-tui de Oyá

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Durée: 1.15
Alfredo Calvo, Santero réputé de Matanzas, chante ici des chants de palo (congos), accompagné par des joueurs de batá (ce qui constitue une "création", puisque traditionnellement ces "mélanges" ne se font pas).
Le toque joué ici est le Tui-tui de Oyá, apparemment dans le style matancero,

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vanessa a dit…

hope you can understand english, but this is not tui tui for oya. this toque is palo. oya has nothing to do with it except that she is a warrior and sometimes they play this toque at fiestas for her, if she requests it. tui tui matancero is a two part rhythm, with one part sounding almost exactly like the havana tuitui.

Patricio a dit…

Hi, Vanessa. Sorry to answer so late, but I've had a hard disk crash that will leave me without web connection for a few days…
Thank you for your message (very few people ever leave messages here).
After re-watching the clip, I do agree with you, this is not tui-tui de Oyá. I was wrong because it sounded a bit like it.
I talked about this clip with Martha Galarraga who made the same mistake that I did.
If you are the Vanessa I suppose you are, you do have a real knowledge about Matanzas batá drumming. I don't, for I'm still a student in Havana style, and I am mainly a singer more than a drummer. I would be grateful to you if you could just tell me what toque it is. Is it just one we could call "toque to be played with palo-style chants" such as those who come from el campo sometimes used for Ogún and Oyá? Is it an "invento" or is it a real toque for one particular Oricha or a generic toque?
Thanks again